Victim #16

Night time had slowly crept forward, yawning I looked up from the computer screen as I heard another police siren, which was strange, but I just shrugged and looked at the window. This was the time of night that was once that I always looked forward to, where one minute it was light outside and the next it was pitch black. Rubbing my eyes I got up and moved over to the window, glancing outside as I closed the curtains.
The house across from ours only had one light on, which I thought was strange since there were six of them, but then again tonight had been weird, first all the police sirens and then loads of people suddenly left the street but mum and dad told me not to leave the house while they were out. I jumped slightly as that one light switched off.
Blinking, I peered at the window closer.

Ever had that moment when you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well tonight was that time for me.

I shrieked as I saw a hand appear on the window of the house opposite, in the room where the light had just turned off. A dark smear appeared on the window as the hand slipped down the window. Covering my mouth was the only way to stop the scream that threatened to leave my mouth. I ran over and grabbed the phone, bringing it up to my ear but there was no dial tone, I stared at the phone dumbly and checked my mobile but I didn't have any signal, which didn't suprise me since we hardly ever had a signal for mobiles. I heard a quiet click from downstairs. 

Straining my ears, I held my breath listening to see if I had just imagined the noise. I let my breath out and walked back over to the window slowly, praying that what I had seen had also been my imagination but the smear was still there and the lights were still off.

Trying to calm myself down I walked over to the computer that was humming to itself. Seconds ticked by until I looked up at the screen to see a popup chat window  has appeared on the screen from the site that I had been on. Four words caught my eye since they were in bold.

Get the warning out,

It is starting now!

Frowning I closed the window, looking through my emails instead, lately my English teacher had given me the task of reading up on paranormal activites for a project the school was doing, all night I had been on the computer instead of enjoying my weekend and watching TV. Mostly I had just been sent stupid conspiracy theories and videos that were clearly fake after signing up to a paranormal activity site where people forwarded their ideas onto those, such as me, who were willing to look futher into the claim. A new email appeared on my screen, I looked at the subject,

16th October,

I read the email quickly when I heard something crash downstairs, my dog barked once. Freezing, I got up quietly and glanced at my computer as it flickered off with the light. Cursing I fumbled for my phone and switched on the flashlight app. The whole house was dark so the fuse box must have burst or something. A sense of dread rose up as I walked into the hallway. Mum and Dad were at a murder mystery party and wouldn't be back till the early morning. I jumped as my phone beeped telling me I had recived an email, it was the one my computer had got moments ago. I opened it as I made my way towards the kitchen. Something soft bumped into my foot and I looked down from my phone to see my dog laid in front of me, smiling I kelt down and reached out to stroke him, that's when I noticed he wasn't moving and that something dark covered his fur. Bringing my phone closer I saw it glisten slightly.

"Oh God no..."

The hallway echoed as I spoke and that was when I realized how alone I was. Something grabbed my wrist and I screamed, dropping my phone. It spun across the floor causing the light to across the walls. Once it stopped it settled on the thing... the human, no monster! That had grabbed my wrist. Kicking out I heard something break and looked down at my arm to see a hand attached to it, before I could scream again the thing bit my leg. I grabbed the closet weaping and brought it down on the things head, blood gushed out everywhere but still it bit harder, I brought the weapon down again and again and again. Finally it let go and I panted heavily, shivering, taking one last look at my phone I saw the siz words that begun the email,

16th October, It is starting now...

Then all that was left was hunger... So much hunger.


The End

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