Victim #14

No fervor do I find in your petty fear trodden human tales.  God has not come forth, but I, I have come. Do you my children not recall your great birthright? 

My parent's soul has been shared with you, taken you as a lover does the purest of virgins.  You have dishonored your mother and given her a vile likeness.  Dishonor is that which I smell, and what a rank wretched smell it is.

 I see my offspring have grown rot within them, not only within the body but in the mind.  It is at this moment that I realize I must remind all my children of what they are... of what I am and what sort of womb we all have been sprung from.

A womb as no other was that of my mothers, the purest of beings.  Hers was a human life that any would aspire to in terms of kindness and honour.  She existed in the cradle of mankind, and indeed did cradle it.  Her name was Isis and her husband bore the name Osiris. 

Osiris was a knowledgeable learned man.  He taught himself the great skills of agriculture and his kingdom thrived on his and his wife's learned wisdom.

Seth, Osiris's brother waged wars aspiring to power over the lands killing many thousands of men, and yet gained no power or stature.  Seth became known only for his malice and brutality. Resentful of the power Osiris had gained, Seth bound himself to massacre the kingdom of Osiris. 

Isis and Osiris, as good as any, held a banquet for all the kingdom, inviting peasants and great rulers alike.  Seth presented a beautiful box like none that had ever been seen.  It was carved of marble and scriptures were inlaid in gold.  "That who shall fit within the box will be fit to own it" cried Seth to the masses.  For hours people attempted to lay in the box but none fit it perfectly.  Seth had the box crafted for only one, his brother Osiris.  Unbeknownst to him, Osiris lay in the box which did indeed fit him flawlessly.  At the same time that glee rushed through Osiris realizing he was the only one that fit within; he realized it was meant only for him.  Seth and his servants quickly tied the box closed and threw it into the Nile.

Seth easily took control of the kingdom.  Isis was then obliged to become his wife. The day before the accurst marriage was to take place, Isis was brought a message in her dreams. If she was to lay with her husband's body and taste of Seth the things she wished for would occur. 

The next morning Isis awoke and began the progression her dream had foretold.  Hundreds of men were sent out each with the hopes of finding the box in which Osiris lay.  Isis played her part dutifully in the evening of our conception.

  Osiris's body had now been rotting in the warm waters of the Nile for three days.  Isis overcome with hope and memory caressed and kissed the corpse, as she did Osiris began to stir.  His body's rotting and stench was of no care to Isis. 

Isis had wished for the power to bring life, but her resolve of what that might be was not what she originally thought she desired.  In the marital chambers as Seth was about to take Isis for the first time, she bit him.  She punctured his skin, felt him thrash at her gouge her, and yet her hunger was relentless.  She tore great hunks of flesh and clawed at the now powerless man.  Isis felt herself change as she watched him die, her good demure was not what it was; she pined to hear his last garbled words his weak tired last breath.  She craved more, more fresh tissue throbbing with fear.

And so it was the coming together of evil and good and the desire for immortally that we have been spawned.  I am the first daughter of Isis and the only daughter of Osiris.  I am the mother of your reality; half living and half dead.  I know only of my existence as I am from the moment I was conceived as a dead child from my mother's womb.  And from my mouth have you all been given the gift of a second conception. 

Though our skin grows mould and rots, our hunger never dies, nor shall we.  Eat of flesh and extend our immortal gift.

Be grateful.


The End

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