Victim #11

Oct. 16th 9:00PM

"Mama." My cute little 5-year-old girl called out to me.

We were on the beach that evening walking in the evening breeze. My daughter begged me to walk outside to collect seashells for her collection. I reluctantly agreed cause I could help that little puppy face of hers.

"What is it my dear?" I walked over to see her crouched over by the waters looking at something.

"Mama, what is this thing called?"

I walked over to take a closer look. I bent down across her shoulder and gave a big shriek. What she stood over was not a beautiful stone or shell, but a hand. I dark moss-covered hand. As I looked towards the wrist, I say it was still connected to a body.

I was in panic. I took my daughter's hand and tore her away from the nasty view. I ran with her as fast as I could. When I turned around, this dark figure was chasing after us. Fear took over. "HELP! Someone please help us!"

Lights on the nearby houses lit up. Yes, we will be saved... or so that's what I thought.

It all happened too sudden. My daughter tripped and fell in the sand. Before I even had time to pick her back up, the teeth of that creature was already engraved on her heels.

One of the neighbors hit the  thing on the head. It came off separate from the body. I sank to my knees as my child laid still and frozen. I wept, and more people came from the town. Even a news reporter came.

Stop. I don't want this. I felt a tingling in my veins and saw my daughter looking at me and biting me. Ah, she's still alive... That's good. But why? Why am I so hungry? I was sure I just had dinner...

The End

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