Victim 10

I scratch my neck as I remember how the entire ordeal had happened...

I was walking along my favourite part of town, along the high street, by all the small shops.
I was just passing the dark alley, where the walls were always stained with some dark congealed liquid.
I wrinkled my nose as an unpleasant smell wafted into my nostrils, dampening my cheerful demeanor slightly.

Then, out of the shadows, and out of apparent nothingness, a tree-like fist slammed into my chest, knocking the wind out of my lungs, and forcing my eyes shut for a few moments.
Fingers as cold as stone gripped my now ruined shirt, and bundled me sideways, into a fetid, chilled embrace.
My eyes opened slowly, cautious and afraid of what sight I might greet.
My suspicions had an element of truth, but nothing prepared me for the horror that lay in front of me, panting heavily, and leaning against the stained, shadowed walls.
And unhallowed nightmare; a demonic vision.
Clammy, grey skin, almost frozen to the touch.
Eyes unfocused and glazed, this monster's mouth hung open, blowing an unbearable stench into my face. He had pulled me into such a close, tight embrace that I could count the flecks of blood on his face.
We stood like that for a few moments, while I still struggled to pull the breath into my lungs.
He moved slowly, his joints creaking, as he leant in for what I believed to be a kiss. A kiss of certain death.
But it was not so. 

Rotting teeth pressed against the flesh of my neck, and pushed their way into me.
I couldn't cry out, for no breath was in my lungs, and none could find its way into my mouth.
Tears trickled down my face, as pain unprecedented to anything I had ever felt in my life racked through me, and shook my very core.
Blood dribbled down my ruined neck, and into my attacker's mouth, as he moaned with pleasure.

Then, as quickly as the mutilation began, it ceased, and I dropped to the floor, unnaturally weak.
Blackness overcame my vision, and when I awoke, all that pervaded my thoughts were my memories, and a hunger.

Such a hunger.

The End

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