Victim #9


4:14 pm

I had been up all night the night before and wasent planing on geting any sleep that night eathere.

I walked grogaly though the house I saw something on the tv.

`wow people are really geting into the halloween spirt`

the TV deptcted from flour view as if it had been knocked over, people runing and a mass of undead chasing them down. I laughed and got a pop from the fridge. the door opened and I called a hello to which ever sibling it was that had just entered the house. 

there was no reply I continued aching the TV when I felt pain in my sholder. I screamed in pain. and kicked my older brother off.

`whats wrong with you` I shouted at him runing to the bathroom to clean it up. half way thought I stoped. 

hungrey. I say I headed to the frige. my brother was alreayd snaking one everything in there I decided to join him but nothing we eat could quench the huner. I smelt something then.

I licked my lips and headed out. 

I found the sorce of the smell and smiled. 

I begain eating. there were screams that soon subsided. my brother soon came and joined me on our feast of the nabor.



The End

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