Victim #6

I don’t normally get the flu shot. In a way I’m a little against them. I don’t know why. It’s silly really, since I’m all for those other shots they’ve made mandatory.  Doesn’t really matter, cause I got one. My work was doing a study you see.

Donate some blood

Get the flu shot

Donate more blood over time

They do something scientific like with all the blood and publish a paper or something.

I don’t know. I just work the mail room. I don’t pay attention to all that stuff. Just do my job you know. Deliver to the people in the office what mail man delivers to me. I do know I get paid to participate though. That’s what spoke to me. A little extra cash for the holidays doesn’t hurt you know. Especially when you got those kids who want this and that.

Got the shot on Thursday you know. Had to wait while some of the big wigs when first. Guess there was some big higher up meeting or something and only one nurse. Anyway went to yoga after then back to work on Friday.

Wasn’t feeling well towards lunch time. Got this gnawing hunger and my lunch wasn’t cutting it. Terrible hunger. My coworker also looked rather pail. Still lunch break was over and I had to deliver mail.

Really can’t remember the rest of that day. Can’t remember much really. Just that the people who took their mail from me smelled good. Yummy good. I think I may have snapped at a few fingers. I vaguely remember other people in the cube farm I deliver to munching on each other. Is that right? Munching on each other. It seemed right to me.

I think I joined them. Till the five o’clock whistle sounded. Like mindless beasts we headed out to the parking lot. Not one of us hadn’t nibbled on another. We needed more. Fresh blood, untainted blood you see. I can smell it over there, at the Mall.


The End

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