Victim #4

“Honey, I'm home!” I call out, as I step into the apartment I share with my husband. It's a cliché to say it, but that just makes us love it more. I lock the door behind me and hang my bag and coat up before walking into the lounge.

“Hey tiger, how are you?” I ask him, putting my keys on the dining table.

“Not good,” he mutters. He's sat on the sofa, kinda hunched over and looking pale.

“Oh god, what's up?” I ask, worry filling me as I hurry over. He looks up at me, his eyes bloodshot, before flopping over to rest on my tummy. I hold his head.

“I don't think the new treatment is working,” he mumbles into my stomach. Oh yes. I recall that he had to go to hospital today. Andy has been sick for a couple of years now, strange pains in his abdomen. The doctors couldn't figure it out so they just gave him strong painkillers that made him sleep a lot. Then, a week ago some researcher out of London rang up, said they had an experimental drug that might help him. Since neither of us drive the researcher came down to our local hospital. I didn't want to let Andy go on his own, but he insisted he'd be fine and I should go on to work as normal.

So I went, and now he wasn't fine.

Did the Doc. tell you there would be side effects?” I ask. He leans back now, resting his head on the sofa back. He still looks pale, but I can see sweat beading on his forehead and his hand shakes as he reaches up to push his hair aside.

I... I don't... really recall.” He sounds tired, like he's having trouble keeping hold of the though. I reach out to stroke his face, and he nibbles on the side of my hand as it comes close to his mouth. I don't mind, it's a quirk of his.

Ow!” I pull my hand sharply away. “That hurt.” He's bitten me so hard, the skin's been broken and I'm bleeding.

Oh, I'm sorry,” he says. He's looking a little dazed.

Maybe you should take some codeine and go to bed?” I suggest. He nods, still dazed, and I help him up. We go through to the bedroom and I get him his pills and water as he gets changed.

Once he's settled, I kiss him and leave. At the door I tell him good night, but he's already gone so I just switch the light off and head to the lounge.

The bleeding has mostly stopped, but the wound has gone a funny colour. I wash it, put some germaline and a gauze patch on it, then settle down to watch some TV.

I must have fallen asleep, because I wake myself up by scratching at the gauze. It's getting kinda hot in here too. I pull off my t-shirt and then the gauze. The wound is purple and yellow, but somehow it doesn't bother me much. Then I notice the hunger. I don't think I've ever been so hungry. I could do with a steak.

I stand, swaying slightly. I'll just take a quick trip to the corner shop...

The End

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