The Protagonize Zombie Apocalypse

Infect the masses!

Today is October 16th, 2010. There are fifteen days until Halloween is upon us.

Help spread the infection!

How to play in three easy steps:

Step 1: You've been bitten!

  • Someone has posted on your profile stating that you've been bitten! You've followed the link to this collaboration. Good job! * A rotting arm pats you on the back *

Step 2: Tell your story

  • Take a moment while you're here to post a short (or long) story about how you became a member of the walking dead. There are no fixed rules about your individual story. You can make it mesh with the previous chapter or write anything youw ant.
  • Writing your story here will help us keep count of which authors are infected.

Step 3: Spread the infection!

  • Here's the fun part. Get out there and comment to all your friends or anyone you come in contact with stating they've been bitten, leaving them instructions to come here and post their story before setting out to infect more protagonizers.

Step 4: (Optional) Look the part

  • If you're really in the Halloween spirit, once you're infected swap your regular profile picture out for a ghastly ghoul!

How far can the infection spread in fifteen days?

You decide! Get out there and start chomping! 

The End

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