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You know how, in all the great adventure stories, the hero always has companions?

Normally these people are either brave, fearless warriors, loyal, steadfast lovers, reconciled enemies or long lost brothers or sisters. They're nearly always courageous, loyal and have some form of incredible skill, be it with a sword, bow, battle-axe or some magical power like mind-reading or telekinetics.

However, despite all these possibilities, they are always on the hero's side and stand by him to the end right?


These mythical companions may be true for some adventurers, but certainly not for me. I had no all-powerful warloc, mighty warrior or fearsome battlecat at my side when I embarked on my adventure.

All I got was a bad-tempered mule, an failed witch who only knows half a spell, an old man who kept confusing me for his nephew.  and a talking book that couldn't get it's facts straight.

And Voice, of course.

The End

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