Fix Me

One more time,

Then I'm done.

I'm in control,

I told you hun!

I will not waste

A gram or two,

It seems stupid,

Want to use?

I only take,

I'd never sell,

That is a path

Straight down to hell.

Look love I'm

Fine, you can see,

Nothing ever

Effects me.

Bought a gram,

Want to share?

Love this life,

Without a care.

What 'you mean

You hate this style? 

Babe grow up

Stop bein' a child.

Get in the car,

I'm buzzed right up,

We'll go to Kez

He'll hit us up.

Come on love,

I need a fix,

He's down the road

I'll feel the mix.

Stop shouting babe

I'm driving fine.

Just shut your mouth

And keep in line.

I won't slow down

You little slut,

Give me one chance,

I'll make the cut

Along your neck

For some cash,

'Watch out Dad!

We're going to-

The End

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