He took her hand, and when he gazed into her eyes, it felt as though they were the only two people in the universe. She could have stared into those eyes forever, if she'd had the chance.

And the chatter around the two of them  faded away into silence.

"You should know, seriously, how much I want to be with you." a smile played around the edge of his perfectly formed lips, and she tore her eyes away from his to watch them move.

She was lost for words. Completely devoid of intelligent thought processes. He tended to do that to her, without even trying.

"It's just.... it's difficult" he continued, and in that moment, they weren't the only two people in the universe. Paul, one of the friends they were with, could be heard yelling and roaring with laughted at some unheard joke.

She nodded at him mutely, staring into his deep blue eyes again, looking for some sort of guilt or regret in them, to let her know that it was in fact as difficult for him as he made out.

"...It wouldn't be fair to you, you know that right? And if things were easier, there'd be no hesitation." She saw shame pass through those big blues, and she knew that deep down, he didn't want to leave. Every word he was saying was true.The thought was little comfort.


She let go of his hand, and stared down at her own, twisting the ring on the middle finger of her left. When she looked up, she could barely control the tears begininng to stream down her face.

And she could see that it was tearing him apart.

She tried to compose herself, and when she did, all she was able to manage was a weak;

"I understand" He nodded at her, and stood to say goodbye as she did. She threw herself into his strong, comforting embrace, and clung to him as though both of their lives depended on it.

When they broke apart, he looked at her one last time,and kissed her softly on the lips. A memoir of him to her. She closed her eyes.

As he walked away, he stole on last look at the girl he had come to know. To love. To him, she would always be an angel.

He left without another word.

sorry if this is a bit deep haha. just randomly had a really strong image of this scene that I couldn't get out of my head. Had to put it somewhere. =]

The End

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