My Laptop

Hey you there, staring right at me,

Yes you with the goggly eyes!

I, you may know, am your laptop,

So why do you look so surprised?


Quite frankly I'm bored of watching,

As you stare at me in angst and fear,

What’s going on in that brain of yours,

That can bring so you close to tears?


Sometimes it is quite amusing,

To watch as you contort your face,

'Shall I add to this branch?

Or shall I just leave that huge space?'


Sometimes you just do nothing,

For hours and hours on end,

An essay you’re supposed to be writing?

Stop talking via Facebook to friends!


I can see how I can be misleading,

So many functions to distract from your goal,

Instead you find yourself on this website,

Attempting to pour into it your soul.


Perhaps if we could converse,

Things would be far more interesting,

Then I'd have something to do,

Like yell 'MONSTER' while you are sleeping.

The End

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