5 Weeks Until

If you go on your birthday,
I think I will go the same way.
I'm tired and want this to end,
I wish we felt happier, my friend.

You've changed my life so much, you know,
And i wish you didn't want to go.
But I understand, I feel it too,
I'll follow if your promise is true.

You make my heart feel alive,
If you die, i won't survive,
I'm not alone with you around,
Must we both end up in the ground?

Ironic that you have made me want to live,
I have so much I can give,
And we can get through this together,
Until we've tried i don't want to sever.

You are my broken soulmate,
But surely we have met through fate,
I can save you if you let me,
Please. Let me


Ahh, well that's handy... i wrote it down here partially done, but think i may have just finished it in one fell swoop (which is one strange phrase if you ask me)

The End

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