This was originally for the chapter 'The Feeling of Heartbreak' in the series that rivertalker began - but I was too slow in editing it! So here it is, I love this Scribble Book.


A splinter stuck inside me,

Fragments of what I was before,

Everything is felt times three,

Or four, most likely more.


A constriction of my mind,

So there’s nothing to pretend,

I need a simple sign,

So I know this ache will end.


The leaking of my eyes,

Runs down my soul like oil,

My body drips with lies,

There’s only my life to spoil.


I know there’s an escape,

But my mind is tired and sore,

Rank breath and unwashed face,

Is now what I live for.


I pray I’ll wake myself,

From this thick dream-pain,

Pull my body of the shelf,

To breathe the free air again.





The End

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