Silly little Nora,

Sitting by herself,

I feel for her sincerely,

She has so little wealth.

She has no nice posessions,

To show to all in pride,

She has no little dollys,

Which hurts her lots inside.

She has no friendly faces,

Around to give her cheer,

Just desolate dark places,

By the building that she fears.

She has no tender mother,

To hold her close and warm,

Just girls her age and younger,

Who work from night 'til dawn.

She has her cruel old father,

Who took her off the streets,

But makes her do bad things,

And plates her up like sweets.

She stands by pale street lights,

Her frail body oh so cold,

Alone in the dark night,

She waits until she's sold.

She has no beating heart,

It was broken long ago,

Her purity is ravaged,

By men she doesn't know.

The End

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