A World Of Ashes Arises

Isn't this the general idea of Protagonize anyway?

(this quite clearly isn't one of my more inspired ideas, however - for the sake of being social -

The night was like an obsidian snowflake, the lunar satellite was bound to the sky by streams of light.

He wrenched the cog round, and released gas into the spark,

Flame erupted as he guarded the small star from the winter night breeze,


He stood by the dock, as white flakes pile down from the atramentous vault.


Jimmy liked the docks,

He found the simmering wind chimes settled his naturally aggressive nature, he felt at solace by water.


Coils of ash poured enthusiastically off his cigarette,

A warm trickle played across his face.




A guttural voice stroked his ears like the dense wind,


Jimmy ignored the sound, and took another deep inhalation on cancer,

He pulled the white burning stick from his mouth,

The water rippled thick like blood against the boats,

They swayed gently,

Bumping softly into their piers,

Thudding lightly.




The caller repeated, almost an exact replica of the first issued.


“What do you want Gabriel”


Jimmy’s voice, was slow, cool, and relaxed,

Though in his eyes, the transmission struck like steel splinters.


His eyes were a melancholy blue, which looked like cracked ice…

…Cold enough to stab someone with.


Which would create the spider web of broken veins in the whites of his sight.


The overflowing venom of ashes continued to douse the floor at unusual amounts, bleeding cinders out the end of the cigarette, as if there was a volcanic storm residing within.


“The time has come Jimmy”


Gabriel flapped his heavy wings, brushing him gently off the ground,

Sweeping detritus away...



Yeah, so couldn't really decide to go from there, that was pretty much a solitary idea from years ago...


The End

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