WHAT IF???????????

There in the midle of christmas carols and all the festive ambiente under the mistletoe,for one slipe of a second Carla considered giving in to tradition but as that tought processed she recalled Cassandras face when talking of Sly.No,she could not do that to her sister even desregarding that she stared to see what her sister felt for him.There was an aura of self assurance surronding him that lead all to Sly.No,she would not give in to the atraction....

As she turns Sly lips make contact with her own." Bliss."A stolen moment in time before reality sink in and her arm raised itself and struck Sly face.Acrossed the pub Cassandra who had seen both of them came in was making her way to him when she saw the kiss.On instint a scream poured from her.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sly after the ringing had started to slow down realise he was in for trouble.   "Oh hell"...............................................

This is just a part of what i think will happen in the next chapter of the wacky ....of protagonize pub.If you like it came to the pub for some drinks and drama....  Cassandra

The End

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