An Early Prophecy...

I found this in a fragment file I kept in a writing directory while going through 10-year old CD-backups...  I think I might've used it as a guide for where I wanted to take a play-by-email RPG campaign...  but I'm not so certain.  I am certain it never saw distribution to anyone, though...

A snippet about leaving Arcadia.... (Possibly of use for the Keep the Hunt Away story-tree).  Seems I've been writing this stuff for far longer than I thought.

"Aaron is gone."  the boy said.  "The apostles from the asylum where I--he--stayed are gone too.   You try to fight the forgetting.  You know the feeling you get the first thing in the morning, when your dreams are torn from you by the brightness of the sun.  That feeling that you should've stayed,  You were only mortal and you made a mistake? That feeling that you were wrong?

"You know the feeling you get that you left all the joy you will ever experience back in that other place?  And the fear that you gave it all up for this?

"Yea.  The forgetting is like that.  You forget the bad-times.  You forget the marrow-chill and the soulfire; the weeks of starvation and evocation of unadultered desire past your capability to express it.  You forget it all... and all that's left is the certainty that this world is far too drab for the likes of you...

And then there was this:

"Lord Song-Ender held the Egg of the Draco, and led the Outsiders on a quest to find Lady Twice-Born's first life.  But they found the Red Scourge instead.  Forced to flee, they came upon Mistress Mirror, who had directed them from so far away.  with Midwife Truth-Teller and the wizened Librarian they stormed the castle of moonlight and vines and flayed the flesh from Queen Random's bones.

"Of the one-and-a-score that went, only seven returned, freed to go where freedom was known as falsehood.  The ring bearer, Darkened-Dana, formed a rebellion and bought the lives of her enemies with friendship.

The Knight of Ghost and Shadows found his way to Lady Twice-born and helped her remember, just before the song died for good.  The Scarlet Knight watched an waited, envying the Shadows and the Ghosts that Queen Random might smile upon him.

In the end, the Librarian had the answer and the question both, but never knew it.

The End

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