2 thoughts of 1 moment

Two poems about a moment recently experienced, but i'm not sure if i should change one or both to get rid of the "drug fuelled drunken..." lines that link them... any thoughts are welcome


Drug fuelled drunken honesty
sets a long forgotten bravery in motion
Surrendering to the moment
with the promise of true intentions
Tender and brief the rebellion
A kiss conveyed with hopes of a received compliment
Warm your heart with deserved self worth
A plea for you to understand your glow of all encompassing beauty
Hidden away in our warm fragile corner of Halloween
silently hoping the night will never end


Drug fuelled drunken comfort,
hand in hand feels so right.
"Only for this moment,"
will not ruin this night.
Recognising the symptoms
of my heart pounding plight,
Eyes closed to hear you breathe
thinking 'how hard should i fight?'
To care that you find your peace,
keeps my morals ruling tight.
But i'm wishing to ask for one more kiss,
to set my soul alight.
I know i could make you happy,
I want to see you shine so bright.
But we're too similar, I only wish for your smile,
Even if I'm not your knight.

The End

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