A Creepy Moment From a Recent Dream...

I frowned as a seahorse playfully chased one of its own brethren around the "columns" of Ms. Marie's house. Well, at least I hoped that they were, in fact, columns with two quotation marks surrounding them as opposed to actual columns, as great glass aquariums of the cylindrical variety don't seem as if they would provide much support to the mansion. But, columns or not, the place freaked me out. Being skittish, this would be normal for me had I an actual reason to be freaked out. But I didn't.

Ms. Marie--a young blonde woman with a bit too much curl to her hair and a bit too much insincerity to her voice--seemed to be a nice enough, if not exactly enjoyable to be around, person. And her mannerisms aside, the mansion was amazing. Every dollar--and I was sure there were plenty--spent on this house had been donated to the pursuit of everything aquatic. There were fish paintings, fish appliances, and most of all, fish. Lots of fish. The walls in the front room were even decorated with a huge mural of a beach scene and--the front room. I remembered now that that was what had first made me uneasy, though why I wasn't entirely sure as of now. Leaving the seahorses to go about their business, I walked casually, but with a bit of hurry in my stride, to the large room.

As I had remembered, the place was huge, with a great crystal chandelier hanging pristinely from a beautifully painted ceiling. I couldn't tell from down here, but I'm sure the chandelier had something of the fishy variety. But then my eyes moves to the right, and I gave a start. At the top of a spiraling set of stairs was a balcony, as usual, filled with aquariums of all shapes and sizes--mostly big ones. But this was not the type of aquarium I had seen on the first floor. The entire balcony was darkened, as if a permanent air of evil hovered throughout it. In the pitch-black tanks lurked monsters I had never seen. Serpents whose faces resembled a Picasso painting, catfish with bizarre, grotesque growths protruding from every which way. The only fish that looked normal opened its mouth to prove the contrary, revealing rows of thin, sharp teeth. And in the tank, something red and white bobbed eerily at the top. A human body. A dead human body.

Oh, so that was what had given me that uneasy feeling. I lowered my eyes slowly so I wouldn't have to look at the nightmare any longer, and retreated back to the previous room. I much preferred the seahorses.


Yeah, like the title implies, that was a scene from a recent dream I had. Mutant fish tend to like to appear in my dreams. I have no idea what that means.

The End

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