To Do and Do Too

Stories that need to be written:

- The definitive biography of a person nobody knows; not even the neighbours.

- Eyebrows: Why? How? What do they do?

Random Thoughts:

- Do platypus fight? If so, why? And how?

- If a vegetarian only eats vegetables, a veterinarian should only eat animal doctors. 

- I love the way there's a dot over the 'i' in the word 'pimple'.

- Do cyclops subscribe to the theory of  'an eye for an eye'?

- It's cruel to have the letter 'S' in the word 'Lisp'.

Someday, I'll write:

- about those maverick late-autumn geese heading north in a sparse flock of  lower-case V while their sky-dotted brethren are honking loudly in UPPER CASE V's on their sensible way south. 

- about my dog's excited anticipation at today's meal. IT'S THE SAME MIX YOU'VE HAD EVERY DAY FOR NINE YEARS!

- about trolls. They've got a bad rap.

- Aunty  Nora's story. She was always too good for Uncle Gord.


The End

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