Unfitting Scene from a Story I'm writing.

(What a title xD) Don't worry about knowing who the people are, this just keeps going round in my head and it won't have a place in my actual story. ;)

I'll still be saving this though, maybe for the sequel *laugh*


Aidan hauled his unconscious sibling up onto the pommel of the saddle and climbed on behind him. The unbroken stallion nipped at his feet with a steely complexion, and if it had been possible, Aidan was sure it would have bitten his leg right off. He thrust his heels into black fur but the horse only reared and bucked, white hot fury burning steadily now in it's mind. But this was just what he needed.

"Move!" He cried, injecting something dark and sinisterly magical into his voice, forcing it to tremor, and displaying his mood perfectly. The creature rocketed forwards into the eerie fog and between the oncoming trees, determined not to be controlled but unknowingly doing as his rider wished.

Tycho slid forward dangerously, his tiny, childish frame having little weight on the neck of the steed. Aidan tightened a steady arm around his brother's waist and hugged him closer. He must not be allowed to wake up, but neither should he be allowed to die.

"Faster!" Aidan shouted at the horse, spurring it on with a tone that the very devil himself would have cowered at. As he worked his magic, his beast writhed and changed beneath him. A fearsome smoky blood-red curdled in it's eyes, and iron muscles bounded courageously forward through the black night and white fog. It's hooves began to crack from the pressure of the frosted, leafy floor, but there was no pain. No pain, only the incentive, the drive to gather speed.

Their acceleration was indeed so great that all noise around the boys and horse temporarily dissapeared, but crackled back as their pace steadied. Deep inside Tycho, a flame was building, a crescendo in the making, ready to burst with power and physically burn everything within 100 miles radius. Unknown to him was that his brother was of course right beside him, but even so, would that be enough of a motive to stop?

This ability, the final involantarily passed curse of his Witch mother, who had died as he was born, had been surpressed by Aidan's magic for 4 years now, but after coming into contact with a magic stronger than his own, that which had threatened him unto this point, this is what triggered the 'protection curse'.

Aidan knew of all the curses and magics passed to Tycho during his birth, because he had been there. Of what we or others around him, even close to him, know about the events that occurred, is nothing. What should have been it seems did not occur, and even though now Tycho should have the right to be a true Warlock, he is not a part of that fate.

Back at the scene, a thick slime oozed from every pore the horse possessed, because this thing that Aidan and Tycho were riding was not a horse anymore. Gunk covered the skin, because of the abnormal sweat caused by abnormal stress on the bones. Steam was rising from the skin, because of the searing heat the creature now created naturally. It's heart was now a mere shimmer of blood in it's chest, stretched beyond breaking point. It's brain was alight with molten steel and flame, spurring it further, trying to escape the death that was chasing it, too slow to claim it.

Another few strides of the hellish gallop and, as fate caught up with the once-horse, it reared and screamed, higher than a human scream, one that would shatter the earth and the sky. Eyes rolled, blood dripped, and the horse collapsed on the bank of the river.

Aidan climed from under it, protecting Tycho with his gentle hands and making sure there had been no injuries to himself or his brother. He had a broken foot, but there was not a scratch nor bruise on Tycho.

"Hold on, please, Tycho. Not yet." He whispered to the body in vain. There was no time. He had to find Willow, and fast.

The End

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