The Protagonize Scribble Book

Sometimes I have very random ideas that make me think:

'Gee, I wish i could write that, but it won't go anywhere and it's totally unrelated to everything else!'

After which I proceed in crawling into a ball on the floor and have a panic attack about my seeming randomosity. (Yes, that is true.)

But, fear not!

To me dearest and proud friends I present to you (via cheap and poorly publicized opening ceremony), the people of, A 'Scrabble Scribble Book'! This is indeed for all your random story scenes, startlingly stray poem peices and excerpts that don't appear to have any purpose in life at all. Whether it be to show off to colleagues, or to display your literary worth, or just to 'get something down you thought up of whilst on the loo.', I welcome you to get scribbling!

STEADY NOW. I demand you calm your enthusiasm, good people! MADAM IN THE FRONT ROW, THIS INCLUDES YOU ALSO! Please refrain from throwing your undergarments onto the booth wall in exasperation! I advise you to form an orderly queue and wait for your turn patiently, whilst I set out some ground rules:

  • Please, if you wish to pursue someone else's idea, do not do it here, and DO NOT STEAL ANOTHER WRITER'S IDEA WITHOUT PERMISSION. It is common courtesy and sheer logic that you should talk to them first.
  • Be as random or thoughtful as you wish, but please no abusing of the system.
  • Think of this as a giant scrapbook. Albeit a moth-eaten, tattered scrapbook with half the pages missing and a sticker inside the front cover that reads 'Property of Aunty Nora'.
  • Write as many times as take your fancy. If you just want to get an idea off your chest, please do so.
  • Ask as many questions about the nature of this 'thread' as possible ;)
  • Comment and rate and criticise and congratulate profusely.
  • I'm not flagging this as mature, so keep it clean!

Failure to abide by these rules would result in my coming by your house late at night with a large dog, and quietly locking the door behind me. Fill in the blanks ;D

Happy scribbling!

The End

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