My hands gripped around the branched as I leaped lightly onto another, thicker branch. I curled my toes around this branch and span until I was suspended, upside-down, from the branch. I peered down at the bare floor, hundreds of feet below me.

I was high up in the thick mess that was the tall tall treetops of the Amazon jungle. I breathed in, and carried on my journey, swinging lithely from branch to branch.

Suddenly, I spied a large, orange white and black cat, baring its teeth at me, glaring hungrily at me from the ground. I knew I was safe, hundreds of feet higher off the ground than this fierce, feline huntress. But that didn't remedy my fright. The mere sight of this animal caused me to mis-calculate my distance, as my fingers scraped off of the edge of the branch I was aiming for. I yelped as I plummeted to the ground.

I was caugh by the haven of a thick bed of branches that seemed still fifty or so feet away from the ground.

But when I looked to my left, the ground interrupted my vision in a slant, and the stripy, orange feline huntress was prancing her way slowly toward me. I paniced as I rushed to pounce back into the branches of safety. I was still in mid-air when he terrifying animal pounced at me. Luckily, I grabbed onto a branch and yanked myself up.

Unfortunately, I hadn't known that this animal, though large and heavy, could also climb. It gracefully flew through the branches, as did I. I pulled myself up as high as I could, but I was getting tired, and the animal elegantly stayed at the same pace.

It was inevitable that I would stop, and it was only about ten feet away from the hard floor. I gave up, and slumped onto a large branch. I waited for the harsh, painful feeling of teeth ripping into me. I heard heavy breathing getting closer. I felt it under me, then I felt the branch jerk as the animal leaped onto it.

Suddenly, the loud, screeching sound of my family crashed through the jungle, startling the animal. It abruptly lost its balance, and fell faster than it had climbed.

I was safe.

The End

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