I opened my eye that faced the free world. Slowly, almost painfully, I shifted my beak from under my wing. The sun was shining out from behind a cloud, as if desperate for my attention.

I stood up. Fluttered my feathers. After my fluttering was complete, I eyed the lake. It tempted me towards it as if it was a sensual mistress. I eyed it a moment longer. Then with a "quack!" and another flutter of my wings. I stretched and then flung my body, with wings upwards, towards the sky. I fluttered precariously over the ground. And then I was there.

The lake shined like that of a new sapphire. My eyes transfixed on a point in the middle of the lake. My altitude dipped slightly and then I glided across the surface of the water, letting it engulf my lower half. I raised my head, and then let it fall into the soft water.

I raised my head, completely rejuvinated and refreashed. I felt reborn. I arched my head back, to see my brethren gliding towards me in eager expectation of the waters rejuvinating abilities. It was a common, but overlooked, sight.It was truely phenomenal. I "quacked". A glourious choir of "quacks" rippled into my ear drums.

Every morning. Everyday. Regardless of weather. Regardless of the season. I will float on my lake. I will listen to my brethren. I will rejoice in the joys of the "Quack"...

The End

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