So you think that you're a killer?

Though you study me at length,

Your sub-par, untrained eyes allow

Some weakness to your strength.

You think that I am dainty,

You fancy that I'm weak,

But I would cut so short their lives

While your fetal infants sleep.

I'll unearth them from slumber

To accelerate their birth.

They'll never know what it is like

To crawl upon this earth.

Return, come home to tend your brood

And see what I have done.

Raise right up and poise to strike;

Our battle has begun.

Circling, staring, showing proud

Your fangs dripping with venom.

I bare my teeth, a chilling smile,

I've no fear of what's in them.

You lunge, I dodge, then I'm on top

Devastating both your eyes.

Blinded, flailing, curled in fear

Prepare yourself to die.

So you still think you're a killer

As you shudder in defeat?

Today you are my sustenance

Til your next of kin, I meet.

The End

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