Horse - LionsleeperMature

Fluttering my wide eyes open in the morning gleam of sun, the grass tickled my snout, and flying insects hummed through the low plains. Striding upward and shaking myself to awareness, I snorted in some of the damp flower smell of daybreak. Ears twitching, letting a sneeze blow once or twice, maybe more, and scuffing the soil underneath my hoof. Leaning my neck forward to the grass I began grazing the cool sweet green.

After my belly was full, I decided to go and gallop for a while. My hooves pushing off the ground sprinted me onward in and out of green valleys speckled with yellow, pink, purple and blue. My mane flowing from the wind, sweet aroma traveled through my nostrils, the tight good burning in my thighs encouraged me to continue my gallop. Endless miles and miles to do nothing but be free doing what I wanted: striding. It sent sparkly butterflies swirling in my stomach with every push my hooves delivers.

The End

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