Owl- AnyoneMature

The dusk spread out in all directions in front of my prying eyes. I glared out from my perch and onto the world. Stretching my feathered wings out until they reached as far as they could, i leaned forward, not hesitating or waiting to check below me.

I then let out a skreetch that pierced the ears of my potential pray down below. I could imagine them cowering in fear, as i soared through the deepening darkness of the night.

I glided over a field of golden wheat, eyeing the ground, searching for the movement of a small critter. I circled continuously, patiently waiting for the movement that would overthrow the life of an innocent field mouse.... I then eyed the flexing of a muscle. I would not go without food tonight.

I let out a battle cry. I tucked my wings in close to my body, and dived, going down and down before releasing my wings. I swooped and opened my beak. My silhoutte towered against the moon as I scooped the mouse up and into my beak. With a single flap of my wings, I gained altitude and began to return home.

The End

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