Wolf - WolveroMature

Pricking my eyes, I heard a howl echo through the woods. This was answered by an other howl and another. I lifted my muzzle to the sky and  my voice joined the many voices echoing all around me.

Our joys, our sorrows and our feelings all went into this song. It was as unique as the call of a cuckoo or the croaking of frogs but twice as beautiful and more than twice as loud. A rival pack miles away would hear our song and be warned where our territory lies.

Simultaneously, we finished our song and I looked round at my surroundings. The birds and the rodents had fled and the forest was still. I could hear a bear creeping away from me and a big cat was climbing up a tree about half a mile away. The silent solitude was quite relaxing so I stood in the clearing for a few minutes.

I could hear the birds and insects coming back and going about their business with buzzes and the occasional chirping. The bear had gone out of earshot so the big cat was the only predator in my vicinity.  

A short, deep howl from the pack leader alerted me that I should be getting back. Taking one last sniff of the air, I ran into the dense forest beyond.

The End

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