It's winter. Cold. It froze last night. Nothing to be plucked from the ground unless you were interested in ice shards. Which I most certainly was not.

Fluttering onto the branch of a tree, I fluffed up my feathers to try to keep warm. I sent a glare all around the park. So much outdoor space. And not a single worm for breakfast.

On a nearby bench a human male was sitting cross-legged, dressed in a navy-blue suit. He was unwrapping something in his hands. I twitched my wings and scuttled across the branch to get a better view. "Breakfast roll", I'd heard humans refer to those things as.

The man licked his lips and started to take a bite, when a strange buzzing sound surrounded him. He frowned and dug into his pocket, taking out one of those weird digital things that humans are always talking into.

"Hello?" he said to it, putting it up to his ear.

My chance.

I kicked away from the branch, wings spread, and ducked towards his lamp. I opened my beak and snapped up the roll before he even realized I was there.

"Hey!" I heard him shout, as he dropped his device and stood up. "Bloody crows!"

The End

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