I padded across the grass. I was really, honestly tired of this place. There was a little girl with her face up to the screen separating me from her and she was steaming up her view with her breath. She started to giggle as the parental figure above her ruffled her hair, wiped the blur and pointed at to me. I've always found humans strange but I had become so used to them passing by that they didn't bother me so much; mind you, I don't understand a word they say.

The girl squealed in delight as I flicked my tail from side to side at the sight of the bird flitting from branch to branch above my head but her pitch alerted the little robin and it flitted off.

I yawned lazily and lay down on the ground.

A frown appeared on the girl's face. If she wanted me to do things on command then she would have to damn well offer me something.

Distracted by my thoughts of what it could be that she would offer (an arm, a leg, a torso... a parent...) that I didn't notice Shaunan come out from our little 'home' and sneak up behind me. In fact, I didn't notice until he was on top of me, biting my ear and my nose. I cried out and batted him playfully, a crowd forming at the sight of our fight.

But then the humans were here, meat being thrown side to side to get us apart. We were only playing but we know to well what they do if we don't split and eat our meat. I took one last nibble of his tail before reluctantly claiming the meat nearest to me and watching him do the same. We growled to each other in agreement of our distaste of humans.

We aren't savages, we just live in fear.

The End

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