The Protagonize Pet FarmMature

People generally tend to write as people in their stories. So for a change, why don't we write as animals? :)

The Protagonize pet farm is not actually a farm. It is more a location to house your writings as your favourite animal, or one which simply intrigues you! I thought it might be an interesting challenge, considering the fact we rarely defer from writing as our human characters!

You can write as any animal at all- from lions to blue whales, cats to dogs, etc. Lets have a bit of fun writing from that perspective for a change. 


1. You MUST write as an animal.

2. It can be from any point of view.

3. Mature content is permitted.

4. At the end of your chapter, set out the next three animals and tag two of them with your friends leaving one blank( I'll leave first three open)

5. Most important, have fun!

The End

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