Trying to catch someone's attention when you are nothing but a shadow on the floor is a lot harder than it looks. As it was, I just settled for trailing around Magnauctor's heels, hissing and spitting and trying to get his attention. And, of course, dodging the trampling feet of everyone else in the vicinity.

"Look down you fool!" I hissed. "I'm right here! For goodness sake, what do I have to do, sit on you?"

Typically, there was no response. I made a mental note to make sure I was louder in future - or at least allowed myself to develop a proper voice at some stage. As much as I loved what I did, it was a real pain not having a proper form sometimes. No, that wasn't true, I did have a form, but if I were to assume it I would probably send the whole city into fits of hysterics and resulting in getting skewered by some over-confident hero type. 

"Oh come on, are you blind?" I mumbled. "Honestly, you people are as blind as - oof!"

Too busy lost in my ranting, I failed to notice when Magnauctor stopped. I crashed into his heel, but of course he didn't notice. I snorted and looked up, wondering what on earth he had run into. Probably some nosey trader, knowing them. I don't know how they did it, but they seemed to be able to smell a new presence from miles away and any travellers who ended up in the city would most likely find themselves mobbed within about five seconds of being there. I squinted and peered upwards as best as my barely physical state would allow, taking advantage of the distraction to try and get Magnauctor's attention again.

"Can you see me yet, you blithering idiot?"

The End

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