Magnauctor: Fresh

I gupled quickly and often, barely allowing the water to touch my lips before allowing it to flow down my gullet. After collapsing in the sand I was brought into the city and refreshened. I was so greatful for their xenia.

"Your clothes are all muddy and tattered, let me find you some new ones!" the helper announced

"Allow me!" I announced surprising even myself by my new refreshed voice. "Food and water are out of my reach but fine items I can supply!" I grabbed a near by quill and drowned the tip in fine navy ink. Newvesitis. As soon as my quill had left the parchment a set of white robes with a purple affair appeared in front of me. The helper was shocked

"Our fine people here have gifts and talents also, but none as mighty and splendid as yours mr....?"

"Magnauctor" I finished beaming at my brilliant talent. I clothed myself and head out into the town. It was quite small but seemed a fair journey from east to west. More than a hours walk. This city was full of culture and wisdom, I could not wait to explore.

I set off and bumped into the first person in my gaze. This person was a fellow I met again and again in my upcoming adventure.

The End

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