LuneXian: Alasgrah

The metropolis in the middle of the desert was a place where it welcomes the brave who cross the merciless desert. The highest architectural feature of this metropolis was a spiraling tower that ends up with a star, touching the sky. This star signals the way to follow to reach the metropolis. It was as bright as any star, the compass rose of the Earth.

My name is Xian, I was blessed by the moon spirit at birth. The stars dyed my hair with a golden colour, the moonlight gave my skin a glowing pallour, and the deep blue night sky gave my eyes its mysterious glimmer. I came to this metropolis in the desert, called Alasgrah, with only a dark cloak on me. The moon was in charge to feed my human necessities, I enjoyed long walks in the night. The moon was companion, procuring always for my safety. My skin glow at night, being both a blessing and a curse. 

I always went outside cloaked because wicked minds and souls existed, envious of the supernatural beauty I possessed. My worth was not solely based on the beauty the moon spirit gave me, but also due to the powers I owned. I could control the water, the moon being my master. Every night I watch the moon raise the ocean tides and thus learned from it. I also was a natural healer, one touch of my hand could cure the most deadly illnesses and heal the deepest of wounds.

What brought me to Alasgrah? Once every century, the moon displays a crimson colour. I am determine to let the crimson glow shine on me, and extend my grace farther. The star atop the monumental tower was an ideal place to stand and receive its full light. This magical event would happen within a week, I need to be very careful when that night arrives.  I am in need of a companion, a guardian.

The End

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