Beth's Sanity

I didn’t sign up for this... at no point did I sign up for this kind of daily paranormal activity. I have spent most of my time on this bus wondering if I needed a CT scan, perhaps there were some sort of crazy fumes coming up from my engine, I wasn’t getting enough sleep or even possibly staring at a road daily was making me see things.

I signed up for this to go places, to forget Adam. This wasn’t how my bus was run in the beginning, in the beginning it was just a bus, and the most unusual thing I lay my eyes on was a quiet school kid. I would have never entered into this madness willingly... although again I was forced to question my sanity because I had to admit this kind of abnormality was growing on me. I’ve been thinking since the bus crashed that perhaps it was time for me to find a different line of work... something more usual. Looking back once more in my mirror I sighed and discarded the idea, I fear I may never quite fit into the normal world again. Seeing these people, I knew I could never begin to live in happy oblivion like I used to.  Being with their kind, really knowing of otherworldly existence, in a way made me feel I was no longer a human, I’m a freak to now. Besides I fear I would be dangerous out there, running round screaming about aliens and vampires, goddesses and runaways, anyway who else would look after my passengers?

 The prospect of being bound to bus driving for the rest of your existence would be the most extreme of dull duty to many, everyone has a dream of being something more, no matter where they are in life.  To me however I felt a sudden rush of fulfilment, this is my purpose, a defined twist in fate put me here and put these people in my care. For a moment I pictured myself as the more human version (If that’s even what I am anymore) of Davy Jones, Ferrying not the un-dead to the next life but transporting a much larger array of souls around the living world, only to return home once every ten years. Besides the rest of the world would be dull after what I’ve witnessed here.

It’s safe to say I can never return at the least, and even if I have lost my sanity I don’t mind, it’s a worthy sacrifice to be here. Many see dropping your “sanity” as a one way ticket to the men in white coats, but I instead choose to see it as the removing of a terrible blindfold to truth. I could feel proud of it in that sense.

 This would make a wonderful book I smiled to myself, although who would believe all this could happen within the walls of a bus. Sometimes the truth of life can be a little hard to embrace, if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it either. Still staring back in my mirror I was glad the story wouldn’t just end here. Perhaps it would never have an end. I giggled to myself and repeated a phrase under my breath that my mother always used... “We can only wait and see.”

The End

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