I'm not gonna lie. An exploding wall isn't y'know... expected. But when the bus lot are around, I s'pose I should expect that kinda thing by now. I was contemplating the whole religious-guy-being-there-but-not-with-Meggie thing when I was kinda distracted by the shower of plaster and rubble. My thoughts flickered to Gabby for a moment, concerned until I saw that she's fine.

Then I look down at the drinks in my hands.

There's plaster in my beer.

Plaster. In... beer. I look around to the kid who just came smashing through the wall and do my best not to have a hissy fit right there.

"Hey! You got bits of wall in my beer!" I shout angrily at her. She doesn't listen. "OI!" I shove past the girl that Gabby apparently has seen in the news and shove the girl who just got wall in my beer. Usually, I'm not one to hit the girls, but she reeks of evil, so this time around, I'm not put off by her gender. "Don't. Explode. Walls. Got me?"

She laughs.

"You got wall in my f*cking beer. In fact, you got bits of wall everywhere," those balls of electricity are sparking in her hands again and she lifts them as if to throw them at me.

So I tackle her.

She ends up underneath me, my hands clamped around her wrists and her lips pulling up in a feral snarl.

Well two can play at that game.

"You're not welcome here. Get the f*ck out." I stand up and make to walk back over to Gabby. Beer-destroyer gets up too and flings one of those electricity balls at me. It hits me on the back of my head and I draw in a sharp breath.

That tingles.

Turning, I laugh.

"You'll have to do better than that to hurt me."

I think she took that as a challenge.


The End

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