The Skye person extends her deadly hands towards Meg.

"Meg!" I yell, along with Alex and Gabby. I see electricity sparkling around Skye's fingers. Well, time to show people why blowing holes through walls isn't so weird after all. As Skye moves her arms back to throw her balls of electricity at Meg, I stand between them and hold out my hand. The electricity fizzles away against my palm. I ignore the pain.

"Do you not feel one little bit of guilt from killing people?" I ask Skye as everyone in the pub gasps.

"No. It's better to be dead, unless you live in that hell hole of an afterlife I was in" she sneers.

"So you're dead" I say it as a fact more than a question.

"Yes. Get out of my face. I can't be bothered with you who care so much for your lives" Skye spits

"I don't care for my life. I am immortal and I wish I wasn't. So no matter how much you threaten me, death means nothing. I can't die"

"As if I believe that" she tries to push past me. 

"Oh, would you like proof?" I grab an empty beer bottle and smash it against the nearest table. Then I push it, broken end first, into my chest. It smashes against the floor behind me. I stand, totally unaffected, except for the few seconds of intense pain, in front of her. I am very aware that everyone else is frozen in shock/horror/fear.

The End

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