Follow A Lie and Be Brave

When a sort-of explosion occurs in the pub that you know your almost-girlfriend has just walked into, do you honour the words you have said to your sister, or do you follow your curiosity to see what on Earth is happening?

The latter of course.

Well, I had just lied to paramedics, what would some time away from my sister do? It seemed I was being pushed to care for Miss Greene. Not just in a loving way, but as someone looking out for her too. She had had enough stress for one lifetime; she didn’t need whatever was happening in there.

I zoomed into the pub, but kept to the corner near the door, making sure Meg would not spot me. I noticed an eerily beautiful young woman charge through the hole in the wall but she wasn’t really my concern. I scanned the rest of the room, and was surprised to see the vampire, Alex, nearby at the bar. He looked across at me, his eyes forming shocked spheres. I quickly put one finger to my lips, in a gesture of silence, feeling my expression grow too serious, as though I expected him to challenge my authority and sense.

But would he keep his silence?


I’d like to say that I was too upset or shocked by the appearance of Gabby and Alex to notice the fact that a giant hole had just been pushed out of the wall by some unknown (and evil-looking) lady, but, come on, the whole company of people in the pub turned around to see this intruder. It’s not like my own problems would get in the way of the world revolving.

I don’t whether she meant to harm anybody, but so far, this lady was just causing piles of rubble to appear at the sides of the pub. Sigh, soon the ambulance will notice this mess…and then they’ll find me…

“I only blew up the wall. Oh, isn't that normal?" The lady said when she received no response from any of us, in a tone which sounding quite mocking.

I looked for Gabby but she had run to find Alex, so I felt it was up to me to confront this person. After all, the daughter of the Devil wouldn’t be able to die.

“Hey…” I said, stepping up to the lady, who looked like she was sitting on nothing. Anything’s possible, I suppose.

“Um, listen, ma’am,” My unconfident voice quivered a bit. I wondered whether being nice would help. Maybe in the place she came from, she wasn’t use to many civilities. “Yes, blowing holes in people’s walls isn’t at all…um, preferred, and, no offence, but where I come from, it’s considered quite rude. I have no idea where you come from, but surely someone told you about good manners…” Whoops, the last bit shouldn’t have come out. The lady turned, angrily, to stare at me, her long purple top swishing a bit over her dark jeans.

“How dare you!” She said coldly, “I know what I’m doing. You don’t know anything. And, you don’t scare me, girl. I should show you where you stand…”

She stood straight and pointed her hand at me. The same hand that had been used to punch two holes in the pub’s ex-walls.

“Meg!” I heard a couple of voices call at me. No doubt, they consisted of at least Gabby and Erica.

The End

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