The Return of Gabby and Alex

Erica and I had been sitting in silence for a couple of minutes, sipping our diet coke and lemonade. Erica shuffled about awkwardly, but seemed okay in keeping a low profile. For me, it was a little harder, but thinking always shut me up. And it was Aidan I kept thinking about.

For once, I was more worried about him than I was about my mother. If I really was the *shudder* descendant of the devil, I’d burn that bridge if it ever came to it. For now, all I needed to do was get my boyfriend back as rightfully mine.

I didn’t ask Erica why she was silent; she probably had thoughts of her own to mull over. Suddenly so many questions flowed into my brain and begged to overflow into my words. I told myself, though, I mustn’t pry, Erica would tell out her past when she wanted to.

A tap on the shoulder made me jump a mile. “Meggie?”

“No…” I whimpered, but it was no use, so I turned to see two old bus mates, looking surprised down at me. At least, I thought, they seem much happier than I do. That’s nice…For them.

“Gabby and Alex?” I gaped at them, “I haven’t seen you two for light years! Where have you been? What have you been up to?”

“I could ask you the same question.” Alex responded, “And where’s that Religious guy-”

“-Mr. Bible,” Gabby interrupted with a cough. I was surprised she still remembered his name.

 “Aidan? Oh, he’s probably half way to England by now…I’m never gonna catch up with him.” I tried to keep my voice casual, but couldn’t help the tones of disappointment that filtered through.

Cleverly, Gabby changed the subject by looking down at my grubby clothes.

“What happened to your dress? And do you know what happened…” She gestured next door.

I glanced at Erica, her brown hair (she had opted out of wearing the wig in the end) ducked low, and her face flushed.

“Um…don’t ask.” I let my hand rise up to the lump forming on my right temple.

“Don’t worry though, nobody got hurt…” I added.

Gabby, who had been squinting down at Erica whilst I had been speaking, suddenly burst out:

“That’s it! Erica Celestine! You’ve been on TV.”

Erica turned even redder and nodded, being careful to shh Gabby as well, as a couple of people at the bar turned to look at her outburst.

“Hiding from the law, are you?” Alex questioned us. I grinned and looked up at him. He’s a vampire, isn’t he? I recalled. Well, he would know a thing or two about hiding.

“Oh yes. Hiding is fun!”

The End

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