Fancy it?

Why does she tease me so? I'm not even allowed to watch her get changed? I sigh inwardly and just keep running. It's frustrating, but I'm not a dick, so I don't push it.

We reach the hotel pretty quickly, and though it still smells, I can cope with it now. There's an ambulance, and the paramedics look kinda confused. I walk in with Gabby still on my back like nothing's happened and look at all the blood on the floor. It's so very, very tempting to drop her in the sticky red patch and continue the blood war with her, but I don't think the paramedics would really appreciate it. I let Gabby down and drag her closer to the door, away from it.

One of them taps me on the shoulder and I turn around, "hey... um, do you know what happened here? Only we got called out and there's no one hurt, just this big pool of bl- hey! You've got blood on your face," the paramedic is looking Gabby, "are you okay?"

"What?" she asks, looking confused.

"You have blood on your..." he trails off, rubbing a finger across his cheek bone.  She reaches a hand up to her face and touches the drying blood there.

Her eyes widen in shock, and she babbles, attempting to explain it away, "Oh! Oh, no, I'm fine. It's just from... from..." she looks to me for help. How the hell am I gonna explain that one?

"We were out in the woods, and I scratched myself. I must have got my blood on her by accident," I shrug, licking my finger and wiping it off her. His eyes widen and he doesn't ask any more questions. Which is a good thing, because what would I have said if he asked why we were in the woods? Gabby exhales, relaxing a little as I take her hand.

"Yeah. That." She says, grinning at the paramedic. The guy just sort of looks confused, and shakes his head.

"Anyways, neither of you know what happened here then?" I shake my head.

"No... we were in the woods." Gabby nods, still smiling. It's looking a little bit strained so I kiss her lightly, hoping it'll make the smile on her lips a little more real looking, even if it's one of those ridiculously cute, dreamy ones.

And... as I planned, the smile turned real and she squeezes my hand. I smile too and the paramedic guy just nods, wandering off again.

I look around and... there's something not right. Not everyone's here.

"Hey, where d'you think Meggie and that religious guy she was with went?"

She shrugs. "You don't think they're the source of the blood, do you?" Not that I want to be pessimistic, but...

"They could be. Or one of them could be at any rate. I don't see where else they might have gone." Well, something else does come to mind, but I don't think Mr. Religion would have gone off to do anything like that with her.

"So... are we going to go find them?" Hmm...

"Could do. Fancy it?"


The End

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