So Bloody Delectable.

I leapt at Alex, taking him by surprise and managing to knock him to the ground. Sitting straddled across his chest, I used both hands to smear blood across both of his cheeks and forehead, getting him covered in the stuff. I laughed loudly as he spluttered up at me, eyes wide with shock at my sudden attack.

He got over it quickly, though, pushing me off to the side and rolling over so that he could get me back. I spent a moment trying to lick at the blood on my cheek, before realising it was too far away for my tongue to reach.

The disappointment didn't last for long, though. I grinned up at him mischievously, quickly reaching around his body and, before he could react, planting a bloody handprint on the seat of his jeans.

He laughed, licking the blood he had put on my face off again. "Yummy."

"Just like you." I giggled, pulling him close and kissing him quickly on the lips, before licking his face. Then I pushed him away from me and stood up. "To the hotel!" I cried, setting off at a sprint.

I heard Alex's laughter behind me, and not seconds later he was by my side. "Looking like this? Is that such a good idea?"

We stopped running, not yet out of the alleyway down the back of the shops, and I looked at us both, taking in the amount of blood and how noticeable it was. I frowned. "What else are we gonna do?"

"...The spare clothes in my bag?"

"Oh, yeah." I giggled. "I'll wait here while you go get them." I sat down in the middle of the alley, lapping again at the last of the blood on my hands.

Alex ran off, returning within minutes, already changed. He tossed my spare clothes at me, and I stood up again, looking around for other people. When I was satisfied that no one was watching us, I started taking off my t-shirt. Then I paused.

"Well don't look!" I snapped at Alex.

"Even though I'm your boyfriend?" He laughed, and I smiled at the word. ‘Boyfriend'. It makes me feel blessed. "Fine." He turned away, and I changed quickly, dumping my bloody clothes in a big bin then taking hold of his hand.

"What, I'm not allowed to be self-conscious around you?" I smiled, to show I wasn't really serious.

Alex held my hand tightly, like a lifeline. It made me feel secure, and happy. Oh so happy. "I suppose so." He smiled, too.

I waited a moment, so I could use my voice again. Sometimes little things make breathless with how much I love him. To be honest, my complete dependency on him is probably a bad thing, but oh well. "So can we go back to the hotel now and find out why it smelled so bloody delectable?" I paused. "...No pun intended."

"If you'll hold my bag while I run." He grinned, and a groaned jokingly. Alex handed me the bag, and I slung it over my shoulder while he waited in a crouched position, ready for me to climb onto his back.

I jumped on instead, giggling as he off-balanced slightly, before setting off at a run.

The End

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