As it turns out, this girl is also on the news a lot. People claiming that she's been 'kidnapped'. She's called Meggan. We kind of take it turns at being headline news.

Oh yeah, and she's not dead. Really, I shouldn't be surprised, coz it took my little sister three tries before she managed to kill herself. Mainly because the first time, I caught her. The second time I happened to be holding her hand, and the car screeched to a halt just before it hit us both (yes, we were crossing the road. And yes, we did cross it properly... until she decided to stop and demand to go back. And I was holding her hand because she was only seven years old, but she had schizophrenia so...). And the third time she actually managed it, after finding the gun my dad had used, followed his example. Sigh.

Anyway, so now me and Meggie are just about to cross the road (coincidental?) when an ambulance turns around the corner. Crap. I mean, it's obvious that Meggie's the one that's supposed to be dead because, one: she's covered in blood, and two: she's with me and I'm not dead. Happy days. Crap crap crap. 

I tug my wrist from her grasp and push her through the nearest open door. Which happens to lead to a crowded pub. How damn helpful. I run to the toilets, knowing that she's following. Then I throw some clothes out of my bag at her.

"Put these on. They'll fit you" I have a range of different sizes in clothing. For disguises when I can't be bothered to be interviewed on why I'm still alive (all the time). I then notice that my trousers are also covered in blood. Easily solved. I switch them to a pair of jogging bottoms and stuff them in my bag. Meggie gives her blood-soaked clothes to me and I put them in the bag too. "Right. Choose a name. I'll be... Cassie. We'll just go into the pub and pretend I'm your sister or something"

The End

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