Ouch! It feels like I have a massive hangover. Not that a 16-year-old would know what a hangover feels like…

I woke, eagle-spread on the floor of the hotel lobby, cold and alone. Cold, because the marble below me felt like an ice-block, and alone, because, although the electrics were on (lights, computers etc), nobody was sitting waiting or reading or working behind the desk.

Oh, and wet.

“Damn!” I cried as I noticed the large pool of blood slowly spreading round my torso.

Suddenly I heard footsteps…someone must have heard the shot. Which meant I was going to be in big trouble soon.

A girl (younger than me…I dunno, 12 or 13?) hurried into the lobby, just as I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I heard the girl gasp, and then enter into a conversation with the telephone 999 operator. In that minute I learnt three valuable things.

1) She was too calm in a crisis,

2) She was 13 and,

3) Her name was Erica Celestine.

It also took the full minute to make me realise how stupid I was being at that moment. Just as the call ended, I snapped open my eyes and leant forward to grab hold of Erica’s wrist. She screamed.

“Wait, no! Don’t scream. Don’t call for an ambulance. I’m not dead!”

“Sure, you are. I mean, I would know.”

Then she gasped.

“You were on the news!”

Sigh. I studied her face before reply cautiously. I might be wrong, but so much had happened recently, the only option was to take a chance.

“So were you.”

Erica pulled her wrist out of my grasp and extended its hand.


“Yeah, I know. I’m-”

“Meggan.” Erica smiled, “Your reputation precedes you as well.”

“It’s Meggie,” I grinned at her, and jumped up, “Come on, I’ve got things to do. You didn’t, by any chance, see a man with gorgeous brown hair and full curvy lips leaving the building, did you?”

Erica frowned a little, “No…I don’t think so, sorry.”

“Well then, we’ve got no time to lose!” I grabbed Erica’s wrist again, this time softly, and pulled her behind me as I sprinted to the hotel entrance.

“Now, which way…?”

As I looked from right to left and back again, a wailing alarm rang out in the distance. Erica turned to me, shocked.

“I called for an ambulance, remember…”

“Oh, damn…” 

The End

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