Amanda Skye Sparks

Note to those who wrote in KD: Skye is back to be an evil psycho again!

I wandered into the hotel, electricity sparking idly round my hands. People who looked at me took in my light blue hair, blue pupiled yellow eyes and hurried the other way. Not because of my appearance, I knew, but because I had someting not many people have- an aura of menace. I'm evil. I'm a psychopath. It's fun.

"'Scuse me miss, but do you have a room booked?" said someone who looked like they worked in the hotel. I didn't answer, at least not with words. I told them by throwing the small sparking yellow target ball that appeared in my hand at their head. They ducked, the sphere missing them by inches, and hitting the wall behind. A big bolt of lightning- something that you don't usually get in hotels- came out of nowhere and burnt most of the wall. Then I spoke.

"No, I do not have a room booked. My name is Skye and I suggest you stop annying me if you like living. Though I must say, being dead is fun."

He scurried off somewhere without a word. Ha. I wasn't joking when I said I'd kill him- I've done it. A few times before.

Sorry it's so short...

The End

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