Blood War.

Ha. Ow. I'm so hungry it hurts. When was the last time I ate? I can't remember, but it can't have been that long ago... I thought I wasn't supposed to get as hungry as regular vampires. Oh well. My tummy is rumbling and that's all that matters right now.

Besides the slightly frenzied look in Alex's eyes, of course.

I picked up has hand and starting playing with his fingers. His leg was shaking up and down as we waited for someone to come out the shop. "You're practically twitching." I told him. "Calm down."

"I am calm... hunger pangs make me twitchy." I looked up at his pale face then, studying the way his eyes were tightened slightly in an attempt to keep from killing the nearest human.

"You're eyes are redder than I've ever seen them. Even worse than when you first came on the bus." They were a bright, vibrant red. There wasn't even the slightest hint of his natural blue colour in there.

"Yeah, well... that's what the sun does to me." He sighed, closing his eyes.

I reached up and prodded his eyelid gently, then stroked his eyelashes, mesmerised by the feathery texture. He half smiled, and I lowered my hand to lightly trace the shape of his lips. "If someone did this to me," I said softly, "I'd be giggling and slapping them away. I've got really ticklish lips." They tingled just at the thought.

Alex's tongue darted out, licking the tip of my finger. "You taste good, too." He paused for a moment, before pushing my hand away.

Hurt by his sudden rejection, I frowned. "What?"

"You're not supposed to taste that good..." His face was contorted in with pain and the effort of maintaining his self-control. "I forget you're still part human."

"Oh. Sorry." I tried to move away from him slightly, but he caught my arm and pulled me back in for a hug. Alex wasn't breathing, though, so I used all of my willpower to push him away. "Don't hug me if it hurts."

I swear vampires are way too strong. I couldn't push him off, and he held on to me stubbornly. "It's not."

There was no point in trying to get him to let go of me, so I sighed. "It obviously hurts if you're holding your breath."

Alex started breathing again, exaggeratedly in and out, before leaning in and inhaling. "You do smell good. I hope someone comes out soon." And then he kissed me.

"Quit smelling me, you fool." I mumbled, dazedly, when he'd finished. I knew I was smiling like an idiot, but I was at a loss to work out how to stop. Silly facial muscles never do as they're told after he kisses me. Honestly. It's ridiculous.

"I'm a fool now, am I?"

"Mhm." I nodded. "Now go eat someone." After motioning towards the opening door, Alex was gone in a flash, making short work of whichever poor soul had been taking out the rubbish... or something. I didn't really get a chance to see who it was before they were dead.

The vampire was back within seconds, thirst quenched and eyes blue. "That was... fast." I told him, slightly shocked.

He wiped his mouth on his sleeve, turning slightly pink with embarrassment. Which is unbelievably cute. "Yeah... sorry."

I smiled at him. "It's okay." before my tummy rumbled loudly.

"Your turn." Alex mumbled, pointing out a smoker, just coming out for her break. I grinned, sauntering up to her and asking for a tab. The shock on her face made me laugh, and I attacked as she shook out another for me.

And I made a mess. Again.

"My mucky pup." He grinned, kissing me again.

I groaned (still smiling). "I got blood all over myself again." I reached up to wipe a strand of faded red hair out of my face, and only succeeded in smearing the sticky red stuff across my cheek. Well done, Gabby.

Alex leaned forward, licking it off my face, the same way I had done so long ago right after we'd killed those druggies. My mouth watered at the memory of the taste of their blood. Yum. They were tasty.

Giggling, I dabbed his nose with blood, and laughed loudly, watching as he attempted to lick it off himself. "You're going cross-eyed!" I cried, pointing at him with hands drenched in still-warm blood. How sinister.

"Shhh." He told me, prodding my nose back. I looked down at his finger, going cross-eyed myself. I giggled again, and started licking the blood off my hands.

"We all done here?" Alex asked. I nodded, grinning at him, whilst still licking away at my hands.

"'Cept you've still got it on your nose."

Using the sleeve of his hoodie, he wiped it off, only to have me dab more on his cheek. Which he wiped off again.

So I paused for a moment, thoughtful. "I'm considering going for a full out blood war, Alex, but three things are stopping me. You wanna hear them?"

"Go on then." His eyes raged with curiosity and amusement.

"The first one is I don't want anyone to find us covered in it, and laughing like maniacs. Which isn't really a problem." I mean, he could always kill any witnesses. Oh, and I swear I get more violent right after I eat. What happened to being against killing?

He didn't say anything, so I continued. "The second is that I have the urge to not waste all this in a fight with you, and instead save it for myself, in case I get hungry later." I thought about that, sucking on the soaked sleeve of my hoodie. "But that's just weird."

"The third, most important one, is because I'm seriously curious about what went on in that hotel..." The smell of blood had been so strong; enough to keep Alex away, sending him across the other side of town.

"Mmm..." The vampire thought for a moment, rubbing absently at the place on his cheek where I'd last assaulted him with blood. "Wanna go back there now?"

"No. I want a blood war with you." I grinned.

He smiled back at me, "Strange child" and there was a pause.

Then I leapt at him.

Commence blood war.

The End

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