A Trip To See...My Mother

I don’t know whether the fact I lived was a blessing or a curse. I don’t remember if the steel bullet actually shattered through my skull and severed the nerves and membranes of my squishy brain, but everything went black all to soon after my finger had released from that thin trigger.

The next second, I was ‘reappearing’ in the foggy dark place that I recognised from the time I was ‘transported’. This time, though, the shapes sharpened themselves instantly and there were no imps dancing around me.

“Well, well, well.”

My mother stepped out of nowhere. Her form was no longer frail, but curvy under the deep red dress that clung easily to it.

“Look who it is.”

Why am I not surprised that she isn’t dead?

I looked her square in the eyes. Eyes which were, strangely, red.


“Meggan,” she responded in the same flat tone I had used. But, suddenly, her expression changed; she pulled her head back and let out a cruel-sounding laugh, showing several rows of pointy teeth.

“I told you, you’d never catch that religious twit. Men are pointless.”

I tried to stay calm, but she knew she’d hit a nerve.

“Shut up! Aidan’s just going home for his niece’s birthday!”

“Hmm. What about ‘This was never going work anyway’.”

Suddenly my mind opened up and I was playing that scene round and round in my head again. Aidan’s voice echoes his parting words: This was never gonna work, I’m sorry.

No matter how hard I tried to persuade myself that it was just a trick-Aidan was going home for his family, he was still faithful…-his words still vibrated in my eardrums and I was convinced he had broken my heart. And probably purposely…

“It’s-it’s-its’-” The return of my stammer took me off guard as I tried to speak and made me sound like a stuck record.

“Ooh, nasty stammer there,” My mother sneered, “Shame there are kids worse than you…I wonder what would happen if everyone had a stammer…?”

“D-don’t y-you dare!” I growled.

She laughed again, but this time, it was a light tinkle, like a fairy’s laugh…

“Ooh. You’re feisty! Like me!”

“I don’t want to be you. I wan to be Meggie Greene! But…” I felt my confidence growing now the stammer was gone again. I had a funny feeling that Devil-woman-over-there was controlling it.

“But, now we’re on that subject,” I continued, “Who am I?

“You’ll work it out. You’ve got the whole of eternity now.”

“It’s something to do with my age, isn’t it? And you didn’t really die?”

“You know what the news reports are saying.” My mother said. A TV box appeared in front of us, followed swiftly by the screen popping onto a British news report.

16-year-old Meggan Greene is missing. She was last seen in America, shopping with former Religious Studies teacher, Mr. Aidan Bible, who, like Meggan, is from the Oxford Catholic School. It is said that he kidnapped her…

“No!” I cried, “Witch! What have you done?!”

Why had no-one called to check that I was okay? Oh yeah, phone out of battery. Probably cause by ‘mummy’ again. My mind was racing for plausible explanations.

My mother looked smug for a second, then leaned in where I could smell her rotting breath and whispered:

“Genetics. Work it out yourself. Bye bye.”

Then she shoved me really hard. I felt the World going black again as soon as I fell backward. Back to the ‘real world’ then, I suppose.

The End

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