Aidan suddenly woke me from my daydream.

“Meggie…” He whispered, pity in his voice, “The new bus has arrived and people are going on. Do you want…?”

I looked up at the wall clock above the desk: 09:18 am. I hadn’t realised how quickly the time had flown; I must have fallen asleep at some point during the long time I had spent thinking, but I didn’t notice when my moping had ended or when I had actually woken up either.

I shook my head, “No, I n-need time t-to think…” I noticed that the stutter I had when I was younger was starting to return, especially now I was scared and uncertain. A teenager admitting she was scared, imagine that!

“Okay, I understand,” Aidan tried to be comforting, but I could hear that he too was uncertain. Suddenly his phone buzzed for the second time that evening-morning. The electrics had been fixed now; phones that were ‘broken’ or ‘out of credit’ regained their life at the same time as the computers pinged back to wherever they had been before the power cut, as though nothing had happened. But something had happened to me. Something unforgettable.

Aidan growled, whipped out his phone, glanced down at it, rolled his eyes and took the call this time, giving me an apologetic gaze.

“Rachel…” I heard his voice flick back to normal as he walked away.

Reminds me of the email: ‘she's really complicated’. Why did he write that? I wondered. And, breaking the biggest girlfriend rule, I snuck after him.

“I know, I know…” Aidan ran a hand through his short brown hair, and listening to the caller.

“Well, tell mum-”

He sighed, sounding frustrated.

“Number five. Yeah, I know.”

A quick pause then:

“I’ve sinned so much…” Aidan was getting more stressed the more he heard.

“…And I haven’t been to confession for over two weeks…”

He paused as the speaker had a rather lengthy thing to say next. A thing that shocked Aidan.

“What! It said that?! I haven’t seen a TV for a couple of days. But, I now have other duti-” Aidan rolled his eyes again and listened a bit.

“Okay…I’ll be back ASAP. Bye…Love you.”

He punched a button and span round so fast I had no chance to hide. Thankfully, the look of shock quickly became one of amusement.

“Meggie? You weren’t listening in to my conversation, by any chance?”

“Aidan…” I folded under his cheeky charm. “The email you sent, the phone call, everything’s related. It’s all about me, isn’t it?”

Aidan’s face fell and his eyes became pools of sadness as he grasped my hands.

“Meggie…I have to leave…my sister, um…she disapproves of my ‘going-off-course’-spiritually and physically…and…oh, Meg, I have to go home. It’s my youngest niece’s birthday today. I didn’t know, I’d lost all track of time.”

I frowned unhappily but only took in a few of the things my love had said.

“What is the date today, Mr. B?”

“According to Rachel, 14th April.”

“The 14th April?!” I boggled, “That means yesterday was the 13th!”


“My birthday…” I too had lost all track of time, but now knew why what had happened had happened on my birthday.

“Meg…I have to leave as soon as possible. This was never gonna work anyway…I’m sorry.” He put one hand on my shoulder, and then turned away, face sullenly looking down.

I made an unsuccessful grasp for his cuff.

“Wait, Aidan. I love you!”  I cried.

He turned to me, a solitary tear rolling down his face. “I know.”

I watched him walk out the door, as a plan sprung into my mind. One that would help me understand what was actually going on with my life.


I knew it would work. She would want it to work. Sighing, I put the gun an inch away from my head, and pulled the trigger.

The End

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