Is... Is He Dead?

The situation changed faster than you could say 'vampire', and the cold terror that had a hold of my heart slipped a little, giving me room to breathe. Alex was more terrifying than I had ever seen him, and had obviously taken Mickey by surprise, too, judging by the expression on his face.

I let go of Alex's hoodie, taking a step away from the two of them. "Don't hurt him..." I whispered to Alex, though not really meaning for him to hear.

"This man has chased me around the world too long. He deserves to hurt." He didn't take his eyes off Mickey, and it seemed for a moment that the huge man had been had been shocked like a rabbit in headlights.

"D-don't make him bleed." I stuttered.

Alex didn't answer me, instead yelling into Mickey's face and making me jump in fright. "C'mon! Do your worst!" His voice seemed to break through the trance, and the hunter struggled against Alex's grip, delivering a sharp punch to the face.

"Alex!" I gasped, automatically rushing forward to see if he was okay. He didn't seem phased at all.

"I'm fine, Gabby." He reassured me quickly, before going back to shouting in Mickey's face. I didn't know what to do... I couldn't just stand there, right? I watched anxiously as Mickey threw a few more punches, enough to knock out a normal human. My breathing slowly crept up to hyperventilation, and Alex hit him back, ten times as hard,

They circled around each other, dodging in and out of range to attack. I saw the knife glinting in the sunlight, but I could smell no blood. My bet is Alex wanted to make Mickey pay for how much misery he's been put through. Make him suffer.

The next thing I knew, the hunter was lying at my feet, glass shattered around him and the broken neck of a glass bottle that had discarded at the side of the road in my hand.

I swore quietly, looking up at Alex with eyes round in shock. He looked between me and Mickey, silent. 

The bottle slid out of my hand, landing with a dull thump on the soft grass. I followed it soon after, sitting down suddenly, feeling my head spin and throb. The shards of glass dug into my legs, but I barely noticed.

"You okay?" Alex asked, looking at me with concern in his eyes.

I dropped my head into my hands, not wanting to see Mickey or the way the horizon tilted. "Is... is he alive?" 

"Yeah. For now." I shuddered at the menace in his voice.

"I panicked." I whispered, still not looking at him. 

Alex sighed quietly. "It's okay."

I took a deep breath, and lifted my head. "What now?" Why am I asking? The answer is inevitable. It's not like we can just leave Mickey to go back to the other hunters and then try again in an endless chase. So why am I so against killing him?

"I dunno..." He looked down at the huge man.

I didn't say anything immediately, instead standing up and brushing down the grass and little bits of glass from my jeans. The world wasn't spinning so much now. "You want him dead, don't you?" 

"He's been a bigger blight on my life than the vampires have... and that's really saying something." 

With a sigh, I said, "I guess so..." before walking away from him, turning to face a tree with my eyes squeezed shut and hands held over my ears. I waited.

Alex tapped me lightly on the shoulder, and I turned around to hug him, wrapping my arms around his waist and laying my head on his chest. I didn't open my eyes, for fear of seeing the huge bulk of Mickey, lying with his neck snapped like a fragile twig. 

"Are you... happy? Now he's gone for good, I mean." 

"I don't think happy would be the right word for it, to be honest." Alex paused for a moment, thinking. "More like I'm relieved. I'm not dead and you're safe - it's all that really matters."

I took a deep breath to steady myself, before opening my eyes and looking up into his face, careful not to pay too close attention to the things in my peripheral vision. "I love you." I grinned.

"I love you too." He smiled and kissed me, making my heart flutter madly. 

The End

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