Bored of this

I wasn't fast enough. I should have left earlier. I could have...

Crap, crap, crap.

Mickey walks toward us, and I can feel Gabby gripping the back of my hoodie. The gun in his hand glints in the bright light. Of course. The most ripped, terrifying looking one can't handle real close combat.

But he thinks I'm unarmed. I guess that's something, at least.

"Let go of my hoodie, Gabby," I mutter, pulling forward slightly. She lets go reluctantly and whimpers slightly. I want to turn and hug her to try and make her feel better, but there's a huge guy walking over like he owns the world. He just thinks the world should roll over and obey him.


I never was one to roll over and give in. Especially not to gits like him.

"Aw. The leech and his little girlfriend," he sneers, "she's a bit young, isn't she?" he looks around my shoulder to see her behind me. I reach back with one arm, pulling Gabby against me and moving back a step.

"She's nothing to do with this, Mickey." She grabs my hoodie again like it's some kind of reflex. He looks like he's considering this for a moment, stood in the sunlight. I know he's mocking the fact I can't stand in the light as freely as him.

"Alright," he laughs, reaching out and grabbing the front of my hoodie, yanking me towards him. Gabby tries to hold on, but her grip on the material slips.

"Alex!" she cries as he drags me out into the sun. I squint and try to shield my eyes, but he forces my hand down by my side. For a human, he does have a strong grip, I'll give him that. He pulls back my hood,

"Cute," he smirks, "Alex!" he imitates her, putting on a stupid high pitched voice.

"Shut up," she scowls. Her temper is hotter than the sun today, but I don't let myself smile, just letting him hold me by the hoodie, hoping this is over before the sun goes beyond tingling. He just laughs and pokes me in the belly with the gun.

"I've been looking forward to this for a long time," he smiles, and Gabby grabs a hold of my hoodie again, trying to pull me back into the shade.

"Stop it!" she yells, tugging. Y'know, I don't think I've ever been fought over quite like this before. It's weird. I don't like it much.

"It's fine, Gabby," I mutter, "you can let go." Mickey's enjoying this, watching Gabby instantly strike out to try and protect me.

"What? No!" she yelps, holding on tighter. Mickey snickers and pulls harder. Tears begin to roll down her face, sparkling in the light and I feel like he already shot me right through the heart. "You can't take him from me!"

"Oh, don't worry. You'll be with him again in no time," Mickey laughs and lifts his gun, pointing it at my head. How I love my life. I'd been hoping to have more time to persuade Gabby to let go so I can move better, but apparently Mickey got bored quicker than I was expecting.

I let my knife slide down into my hand and I hold it ready. He doesn't notice it, and neither does Gabby, until I've put my free hand around the wrist of the hand holding the gun.

"I'm bored of this," I growl, squeezing his wrist tightly. 


The End

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